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Hello, hello! Here, I will tell you a bit about myself. I am Saekka.

I am...
... a woman.
... ace.
... wishing I had a gf.
... studying Japanese.

... a chips (crisps) lover.
... an enjoyer of manga, anime, games, movies.
... a language fan.
... an archivist.

The reason why I ended up making this website is because I found this lovely lovely layout and felt like I had to use it. Stupid, I know. Oh, and of course I changed out the banner (the original had a Sailor Moon image but I've never actually watched/read Sailor Moon, so...) But then, I was browsing 2007-2009 blogs made on and they were so cute. Just little blogs with short little texts. Like a diary/journal, yknow. And the thing is, I had one of those too, on It still exists but I don't actively post on there. And I thought, man, why not use this layout for a little blog like that? Sure, it's not possible to comment on posts here, but... It's not like anyone ever commented anyways, lol. So feel free to use the chatbox for any comment.

The icon in the about on the right side is the same I had on my old blog. I felt like I needed to pick that one for here ^^' Regardless of the banner, I'm like a casual liker of Genshin? Not a super fan or anything.

"Thin, expressive, moved to tears, laughs, looks you in the eye, gestures with hands, well kempt appearance, dressed according to the weather respecting her own style, kempt long bright green hair"
—How the doctor who diagnosed me with OCD described me in the healthcare IT system 🤡


Casual short blogging of someone who last did casual short blogging over 10 years ago. A fangirl, an ernu, an enthusiast of many things. Lonely but bubbly and laughing despite the difficulties (as described by someone else). If you have a message or a comment, the shoutbox below is just the place for it.

(Ernu is usually used like the words weeb or otaku, in Finnish.)


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